Testing and Commissioning

MB Iraq is the one stop provider for Testing and Commissioning services. MB Iraq envisions consistently exceeding industry standards in Testing and Commissioning by use of new methodologies and technologies.

Our Testing and Commissioning services include but are not limited to:

  • Primary Testing (e.g. Transformer Test, Grid and SWGR Test)
  • Secondary Testing (e.g. Advanced Secondary Test and Advanced Primary Test)

Primary Testing

Transformer is the main Equipment in the Electrical System. MB Iraq provides the Experience & Testing Equipment to implement the main following required Transformer Tests:

Turn Ratio (Per Tap)
Winding Resistance(Per Tap)
Vector Group
Insulation Resistance
Power Factor (CH,CL,CH-CL)
Oil Break Down Test BDV (ASTM & IEC)
Cooling system Test
Protective Devices Testing
Stability Test
Tap Changer (AVR Test)
Functional & Interlock Check
Bushing CT Test (BCT)
VT Test

Switches are one the part of the Electrical power system. Our Company provide the Experience & Testing Equipment to implement the main following required testing of the GIS & AIS Grid, MV & LV SWGR

  • CT & VT Test
  • B Test
  • IR Test
  • pot Test
  • CRM Check
  • Partial Discharge Test
  • Functional & interlock Check
  • Protection Relay Test
  • Partial Discharge Test
Gas Isolated Circuit Breaker (GI C.B) , Air Circuit Breaker (ACB), oil isolated Circuit breaker  & Vacuum Circuit Breaker (VCB) are the Main Switches  in the  Electrical Power System. To protect the grid and for reliability, many tests are performed on the circuit breaker at site during Pre-commissioning, Commissioning & Maintenance. The following are the tests done:

  • Conductivity Resistance Measurement
  • IR Test
  • Pot Test
  • On-off Timing Test
  • VIDAR Test (VCB only)
  • Interlock Check

VT is one of the Metering, Protection & Isolation   Instrument device in the Electrical System. For reliability & Conformity many testing performed on the VT at site During Pre commissioning, Commissioning & Maintenance as following Tests

  • Ratio Test
  • Winding Resistance Measurement
  • IR test
  • Burden Measurement
  • Polarity Check

Earth system is the first Protective line for Human beings & Electrical Equipment. The soil resistive measurement During Design any project due to fault calculation & Earth system specification. The soil resistivity and earth system measurement has been tested by our company for many project by use a modern method (Bird’s Eye Method &  62 % method).

CT with the VT are one of the Metering, Protection & Isolation   Instrument device in the Electrical System. For reliability & Conformity many testing performed on the CT at site During Pre-commissioning, Commissioning & Maintenance as following Tests:

  • Ratio Test
  • Winding Resistance Measurement
  • IR Test
  • Burden Measurement
  • Polarity Check Point

Thermal imaging has evolved into one of the most valuable diagnostic tools for predictive maintenance (PdM). By utilizing the most up to date equipment MB are proud to offer this service to our clients.

Thermal imaging, also called thermography, is the production of non-contact infrared pictures from which temperature measurements can be made. This technique is used to detect anomalies often invisible to the naked eye, even while electrical systems are under load.

Thermographic inspections should be a regular part of a predictive maintenance programme. An indication of impending faults in mechanical and electrical systems and components is a rise in temperature due to increased resistance and friction.

This temperature increase can be detected and quantified using the latest thermal cameras. MB state-of-the-art thermal infra-red cameras operate in a similar way to a standard video camera and an image of the temperature distribution of the component can be obtained. Should any part of the component be significantly warmer than other similar parts, a recording of the suspect component is taken. The magnitude of temperature rise will be illustrated and the seriousness of the fault can be determined.

When a connection becomes loose there is a resistance to current that can cause an increase in temperature and subsequent failure of components, potentially resulting in unplanned outages and possible injury. In addition, the efficiency of an electrical grid becomes low prior to failure, thus energy is spent generating heat, causing unnecessary losses. If left unchecked, heat can rise to a point at which connections will melt and break the circuit; as a result fires may occur.

Besides loose connections, electrical systems suffer from load imbalances, corrosion, and increase in impedance to current. Thermography will quickly locate hot spots, determine the severity of the problem and help to establish the time scale in which the equipment should be repaired.

All surveys are quantified by a fully comprehensive report, detailing our findings and recommendations for the repair of any fault.

MB Specialise in Containerisation of Customers CHP Projects.

What is Combined Heat and Power (CHP)?

CHP, or co-generation as it’s sometimes called, is the process of capturing and then utilizing the heat produced by generating electricity.

Conventional electricity generation by power stations is only around 37% efficient, which means a huge potential source of energy is simply released into the atmosphere as a by-product. CHP can harness this power.

What are the business benefits of installing CHP?

In short, CHP delivers great value energy.

By recovering most of this otherwise wasted heat, CHP can bring overall energy savings of up to 40 per cent. For an energy intensive development, that can represent a substantial saving, especially when combined with other energy efficiency measures.

Are there any environmental benefits?

CHP has been widely recognised as a key measure in helping to reduce harmful emissions of CO2, with some schemes being shown to halve emissions compared with conventional sources of heat and power.

How does CHP fit in with tri-generation?

CHP can be incorporated into a tri-generation scheme to provide heating, power and cooling from the same source . Here the excess heat produced is cooled by absorption chillers linked to the CHP system. This produces chilled water for cooling, which is particularly useful for schemes which involve a large level of air conditioning.

Secondary Testing

Secondary testing is the most important testing for the Protective Device (Protection, Metering Relay, Transducer, AVR relay, PLC) by Dealing Direct with the Protection device without use CT , VT & other Instrument.

Omicron GMBH CMC356 & CMC256 Plus

Secondary Injection Kit which we use it for Testing the Advice Distance Relay, Advanced Differential Relay & Generator Protection Relay Is one of the Best Secondary Injection Kit for Testing the Advanced relay which provide ability to deal with the GOOOSE Grid.

Omicron GMBH CPC 100 & It’s Accessories   Primary Injection Kit which we use it for Testing the primary side of the Electrical Equipment  (Transformer ,SWGR ,CT,VT & C.B)

MB undertake protection studies to provide protection settings and CT specifications based on system evaluations including motor starting, maximum demand, fault levels, transformer inrush currents and grading requirements. Existing protection systems can be optimized or new systems designed, specified and implemented using discreet relays or programmable multifunction protection relays. Protection schemes undertaken vary from motor protection to unit protection and high impedance busbar protection with Class X current transformers.

Once modeled, future updates are easily achieved when a client system changes.

Short Circuit Studies

A short circuit analysis models the currents that flow in a power system under fault conditions and determines the prospective fault currents in the electrical power system. These fault currents must be calculated in order to adequately specify electrical apparatus. The study results are also used to selectively co-ordinate time current characteristics of electrical protective devices.

The systematic short circuit study methodology begins by creating a system one-line diagram, thus defining all electrical characteristics of the power system. MB utilise the AMTECH Electrical Power Software to compile the short circuit studies. The software calculates the currents for a fault at every bus or node bus within the system.

With extensive industry knowledge and our design capabilities we are able to carry out earthing design using the latest computer software all conducted by our in-house specialists.

Earthing Design & Assessment

To comply with current legislation and statutory requirements of the Health & Safety Executive and Electricity at Work Regulation, private industry have engaged MB to carry out specialist earthing reports. MB have in-house specialist engineers with many years experience in this field, who have carried out full comprehensive surveys, studies, reports of substation earthing designs, soil modelling, touch and step profile potentials.

Our areas of expertise cover an extensive range of projects and a brief summary would identify:

  • Sub Station/General Transformer/Generator Earthing
  • Waste to Power Earthing Systems
  • Alternative Energy (Wind Farms) Earthing & Lightning Protection

Services activities are developed and undertaken strictly in accordance with relevant National, European and International Standards.

These standards in general are listed below but are not limited to:

  • BS7430
  • EATS-41-24
  • IEEE-80
  • BS5958
  • BS7671

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Testing and Commissioning

MB Iraq envisions consistently exceeding industry standards in Testing and Commissioning by use of new methodologies and technologies.

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