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A clean and safe environment is a pre-requisite for health and quality of life. MB focuses on delivering analytical services that address current environmental analysis issues and develops new solutions for challenges that the market and our clients anticipate facing in the future.

Our services comprise testing of water, air, soil waste water and other products to access their quality and impact on the health and environment. We provide full range of environmental testing services to municipal, industries, household, & private concerns. Some of them describe in following:

We offer critical Ambient Air Testing Services. Our service comprises ambient air, stack emissions, noise, soil, sludge, effluent, generator and engine exhausts, volatile compounds, semi-volatiles, hazardous air pollutants, air toxics, metals and particulates. We also offer ambient air analysis, stack emission monitoring.

We offer critical Stack Emission Testing Service which is appreciated for flexibility and offering most effective outcome. An excessive production of paints, plastics printing inks and adhesives give rise to excessive stack emission. We test the range for stack emission with our requisite tools & equipment. Our mission is to help manufacturers to cope with health, safety and environmental issues.

The unwanted sound is called noise. Environmental noise is evaluated by comparing a measurement or prediction of the noise to one or more criteria. There are many different criteria and ways of measuring and specifying noise, depending on the purpose of the evaluation.

Our Water Testing Services are well appreciated in the market. Over the years we have become synonymous with quality service providers in the domain. We leverage on cutting edge tools and equipment for testing water. Today we are a name to reckon with for our professional handling of these critical areas. Our testing range offers critical solutions for all applications and budgetary profile.

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